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He is the offspring of Aphrodite and Ares. He was known for accompanying Ares into battle along with the ancient war goddess Enyothe goddess of discord Eris both sisters of Aresand Phobos' twin brother Deimos terror. In Classical Greek mythology, Phobos is more of a personification of the fear brought by war and does not appear as a character in any myths.

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With arrows of gold and lead, he would wound the hearts of mortals and Olympians alike. The golden arrows inspired love and the lead arrows caused distaste. Cupid was the god of love in Roman mythology.

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John is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in History and researches mythology and folklore in his free time. Eros, son of Aphrodite, was a dutiful son and devout mischief maker. What fun there was to be had in power of love!

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Erosin Greek religiongod of love. In the Theogony of Hesiod fl. Eros was a god not simply of passion but also of fertility.

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Often described as a son of Aphrodite by her lover Ares, the god of war, Eros was a Greek god of lust and primal sexual desire. In fact, the word erotic comes from his name. He is personified in all kinds of love and lust, both heterosexual and homosexual, and was worshiped at the center of a fertility cult that honored both Eros and Aphrodite together.

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Once upon a time, a long time ago, there lived three princesses. Psyche, the youngest, was very kind. She was also very beautiful.

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And how could he not be? This is the story of how Eros himself once fell in love with someone; and how that someone was willing to do anything not to lose him. Once upon a time there lived in the West parts a king and a queen who had three daughters, all of them beautiful beyond belief.

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Shall mortals not yield to thee? My name is Love, supreme my sway. The greatest god and greatest pain, Air, earth, and seas, my power obey, And gods themselves must drag my chain. In every heart my throne I keep, Fear ne'er could daunt my daring soul; I fire the bosom of the deep, And the profoundest hell control.

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By deTraci Regula. Eros Greek God of Love, is not as well-known as many Greek gods and goddesses. Here is a quick introduction to the son of Aphrodite, Eros.

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Toggle navigation. He is the son of Hera and Zeus and is one of the Twelve Olympians. In Roman Mythology his equivalent is Mars.


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