Looking after an adult with autism

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Less of us may be aware that parents go through a similar grieving process when their child is diagnosed with autism. Parenting is stressful at the best of times, parenting a child with additional needs doubly so. Without the right help and support, parents risk burnout, which negatively affects everyone.

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The pressures of living with and supporting people who see the world very differently, who can appear unresponsive or who can be destructive and violent, can be considerable. Such pressures are typically lifelong, and can persist whether or not the autistic person lives with their carer. Some autistic adults will not see that they need support, even if their families are under strain.

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J oel Bregman, MD, won't soon forget his something patient with autism, a verbal, functional college graduate who held a full-time job as a delivery driver, but whose obsessive compulsive symptoms led him to store spoiled food in his car trunk and eat it. The man was nearly in renal failure because of dehydration. Bregman, medical director of the Fay J.

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I was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder in my 40s. That none of us wake up cured at 18 still appears to mystify some professionals. That we might still benefit from some support, however late the diagnosis, does too. Many of us have garnered a few other labels along the way: freak, geek and weirdo from the bullying fraternity; personality disorder, depressive and awkward sod from the mental health fraternity.

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People may have differing ideas which will need to be considered carefully. An external facilitator can be helpful, for example a social worker or family friend. Your autistic family member may not be able to make some, or all, decisions independently.

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Although symptoms may change and even improve, autism is a lifelong condition that presents many challenges through adulthood. Whether an adult with autism lives in a group home, independently, or with family, he or she still requires parental or some support. Just as children with autism vary in their capabilities, so do adults.

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Autism, like other disabilities, does not preclude one from being healthy. However, cognitive and communication differences can complicate identification and management of illnesses unrelated to the disability. Also, autism is associated with increased prevalence of several medical conditions.

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Please enter your location to help us display the correct information for your area. It is part of our mission to ensure that all people with ASD and their families have transition plans that result in more independent adult life that is meaningful to the individual, along with effective interventions, services and supports throughout their lifetime. Asperger Syndrome Autism Facts and Figures. Associated Conditions Sensory Issues.

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Pam Byrne's year-old son, Alex, isn't living the life she planned for him. But parenting an autistic adult has taught this proud mom the value of strength, devotion—and a sense of humor. When Alex was born, Pam and Ed Byrne were over the moon.

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Many adults with an autism spectrum disorder ASD need help and support to live as independently as possible. Some people are able to pay for their support privately. However, most people will need support from social services to organise and help pay for their care.


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