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I discuss the status of aesthetic concepts connected with pleasure and the role of aesthetic pleasure. Could we define a significant relationship between aesthetic pleasure and aesthetic concepts? Could the pleasure be an objective condition for the aesthetics?

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By Richard AlleyneScience Correspondent. The same part of the brain that is excited when you fall for someone romantically is stimulated when you stare at great works of beauty, researchers have discovered. Viewing art triggers a surge of the feel-good chemical, dopamine, into the orbito-frontal cortex of the brain, resulting in feelings of intense pleasure.

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The small principality of Ferrara, ruled by the noble Este family, developed a culture of remarkable vigour and individuality within the span of the fifteenth century. Its idiosyncratic character was shaped by strong cross-currents: aristocratic conservatism mingled with a thirst for novelty and even the bizarre; intellectual elitism flourished amid a practical realism and sense of irony bred in the contado surrounding countryside. The dynamic tensions produced by these cross-currents expressed themselves in a vivid mixture of competing styles.

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Henri Matisse famously declared that he dreamed of an art "devoid of troubling or depressing subject matter Nonetheless, in the mids, during an urgent rush of creativity, the latter painted a dramatic mural-sized protest over the bombing of Guernica in the direct black and white tones of a newspaper. The political directness of his 'Guernica' may have been inspired by the revolutionary attitude of his Mexican friend Diego Rivera, or the politically charged paintings of his historical compatriot Francisco Goya's famous series, 'Disasters of War.

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Walter Pater was one of the most honest critics to ever have lived. In his book The Renaissancethis Victorian scholar says something subtly disturbing to many people who love the arts. The purpose of criticism, he argues, is to identity and understand the particular types of pleasure that works of art can give us.

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Researcher in relation to art design, wellbeing and dementia, University of Technology Sydney. The symptoms of dementia take on different forms and vary from person to person. Long before diagnosis, individuals and their family and friends may notice changes in behaviour, mood, and cognitive and physical functioning.

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A: Pleasure is indeed one thing one can obtain from art, although some artists are consciously trying to give pleasure, while others reject it, and attempt to arouse other emotions, stir political feelings, or even evoke pain. But art is an acquired taste; as with many drugs, it takes a while to become addicted. If pleasure is what you are looking for, try seeking out the art that gives you the most, then, if you feel you can handle it, gradually increase the dosage by looking at even more.

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The present volume traces the life and career of this important artist. Born in southern Finland, Tom played the piano at local coffee shops to supplement his income as a graphic artist until his watercolors of male sexuality began to appear as covers on major American gay publications. His impact as an artist has since stretched far beyond the gay scene.

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Published 28th March Written by Michael Govan. On March 28, he chairs an Intelligence Squared discussion with four contemporary artists on the topic: Is art for pleasure or politics?


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