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Skin conditions, digestive issues, and chronic diseases are all potential culprits for this common yet embarrassing problem. Here are some of the common causes of itchy butt, and how you can find relief. In many cases, itching in the perianal region around the anus has to do with how a person is wiping after a bowel movement.

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Even though the symptoms are comparable—pain, bleeding, and itching—the similarities between anal fissures and hemorrhoids are largely superficial. Hemorrhoids are generally swollen veins. In contrast, fissures are ulcers, or breaks in the skin, which just happen to occur in the same general area.

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Got an itch you can't scratch, at least not in public? Fortunately, pruritis ani—the medical name for anal itching—affects only 1 to 5 percent of the general population. Still, those low numbers aren't too reassuring when you're the one with an itchy butt.

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Anal itch, also known as pruritus ani, is an irritating, itchy sensation around the anus the opening through which stool passes out of the body. Anal itch is a symptom, not an illness, and it can have many different causes. In most cases, a person with anal itch does not have a disease of the anus or rectum.

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Urinary tract infections UTIs are common in women, with cystitis inflammation or infection of the bladder by far the most common type of UTI. The following tips can help you avoid cystitis and other UTIs and help prevent recurrences. Drink lots of fluids every day.

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Anal itching, or pruritus ani, is a common symptom of a variety of conditions. Most cases of anal itching can be treated at home without needing to see a doctor. We go over the possible causes, along with at-home remedies to relieve itching.

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Pruritus ani anal itchiness is a common condition that generally affects healthy people. It is not 'serious' but can interfere with daily life and is sometimes difficult to treat. Pruritus ani results from the irritation of damaged skin around the anus by either faeces or mucus from the anus.

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Fissures result from the stretching of your anal mucosa beyond its normal capacity. This often happens when stools are hard due to constipation. Once the tear happens, it leads to repeated injury.

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Anal irritation is a very common condition in men and women. The main symptom is an intense urge to scratch your anus, which may be difficult to resist. It often is worse at night.

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An itchy bottom pruritus ani is a persistent itch around the anus. There are many different causes but the cause is not clear in many cases. Treatment usually works well. Pruritus ani is the medical term for a persistent chronic itchy feeling around the anus.


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