Bay area uhf amateur repeaters

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Box Saratoga, CA All K6FB repeaters and packet stations are open; that is to say, any amateur radio operator can use the repeaters or digipeaters. Repeater control codes are limited to club members.

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About the only way to damage your radio is to transmit press the side PTT button with out the antenna connected. Switch between low 2W and high 4W power: short press key. Letter L will show up on the screen.

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This includes warm season sea breeze thunderstorm activity, as well as convective watches tornado and severe thunderstorm watches. County nets will activate upon request from the Ruskin WFO or will self-activate as needed typically, county nets self activate most of the time. Since the aforementioned weather events typically affect only small groups of counties at any one time, net activation and duration will be dependent on the timing of the weather event itself, and will be determined by the net control.

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Many new hams get their first radio communications experience on local VHF or UHF amateur bands with an entry-level license. Often this involves what are known as repeaters. Repeaters are simply automatically controlled amateur radio stations that simultaneously re-transmit on one frequency what it received on another frequency. For maximum range and performance, repeaters typically have efficient antennas placed high above ground so they are often located on hills, towers or tall buildings.

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Emergency Communications. License Testing. Carrier Newsletter.

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Ham radio repeater networks. SSTV repeaters are used by amateur radio operators for exchanging pictures. The prominent components of a two-way radio repeater as shown above are: Receiver — accepts the incoming signal.

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Keep it simple and keep it cheap as possible. Visit the [ K6BEN ] web site for the particulars about the repeater and the club. Of course, be certain to have the appropriate federal ham radio license.

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Show Sections. Visit Us On Facebook. OwnedOwned by the Alameda County Water District, was set up primarily to provide communications during emergencies. Owned by the Golden State Amateur Radio Club, was primarily set up to support emergency communications during major disasters.

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The North Bay Amateur Radio Club wishes to thank its friends and neighbours for another successful season. We have assisted with many community events this past year by providing radio communications and passing of messages. The members also support the Santa Fund.

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If you are an Amateur Radio Operator, you can check in to Siren Net and give us a report of what you hear during the test. This net is conducted by the Auxiliary Communications Service on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Tuesday of each month. It starts just before noon, and check-in with reports begins after the sirens sound at noon.


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