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If you believe the top relationship experts and you should! And when they do get that boost, they tend to use it to make their wives happier. Give your partner your full attention.

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When life gets busy, one of the first things to go in a relationship is sex. Couples are too tired, too full, too stressed, too distracted. Simply put: not in the mood.

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It sounds like an activity on a whiteboard in the home of a sad couple whose love life has all but dissipated, going through the motions because the thrill is lost. Still, no one would blame you for dreading the idea. If you have a long distance relationship, you already schedule sex.

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Three years ago I had sex every single day, for one whole year. To answer the most popular questions I've been asked since: No, it was not with men. It was with one, my husband. Yes, even while I was on my period.

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A support group for Redditors who are coping with a relationship that is seriously lacking in sexual intimacy. Advice is always appreciated, just don't be surprised if we've heard it all. Passionate Marriage.

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If there is one common question that resides in the minds and hearts and pants of men, it is this:. We want them to actually like it. We want them to be in the mood for it.

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Husbands and wives are puzzled, hurt, and frustrated because their spouse either refuses sex or will have sex only on rare occasions. If you have worked hard to be understanding, kind, clean, attractive, affectionate, an initiator, etc. The wife gives authority over her body to her husband, and the husband gives authority over his body to his wife.

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A lot. I really do! But I feel the access is too easy. Granted, my husband is the best sex of my life — I mean, why else would I throw in the towel on the fun of being single?

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C harla Muller was reading Galatians 5. Perhaps disappointingly for him, it wasn't an iTunes voucher. Instead, she was going to give him the gift of sex for nights.

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Let me make something clear up front. You might be tempted to think that there would never be a time when you, as a man, would turn down the sexual advances of your wife. Or, if for some reason you did, your rejection would be as rare as the appearance of an albino zebra. I understand that feeling.


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