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The crowded room of parents was the predictable mixture of excitedly curious, silently awkward, and nervously giddy. I was leading another seminar for Christian parents talking about how to do sex education at home. Right away in the first chapters of Genesis, before sin enters the picture, we are told two important truths about sex: it is goodand it is powerful.

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InspirationJournalKidsRelationships. We have more girls than boys, but the few boys that do come are a significant and consistent part of the group. I love this group of kids.

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W hen do you bring up the topic of sex to your children? How do you talk to your children about sex? What should you tell them is the purpose of sex?

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Ron DeHaas is the president and co-founder of Covenant Eyes. Ron pioneered the concept of Accountability Software, and founded Covenant Eyes in the spring ofand today oversubscribers enjoy the Internet accountability Covenant Eyes provides. Ron also founded Nehemiah Ministriesa acre retreat and counseling center in south-central Michigan for pastors and missionaries.

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While the topic of teens and sex may make you squirm, please hang in there for the sake of young person you know and love. For as Jennifer Parker warns, "Peer pressure, physical longings and conflicting signals from secular voices," mixed with fear and curiosity, can make any teen vulnerable to temptation. And as much as we would like to believe that Christian teens are immune to sexual pressure, the evidence suggests that some teens need more support from Christian adults like us.

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Purity ceremonies and abstinence pledges are widespread across churches but one youth pastor suggests the common practice in its current context may be outdated. In the event of one purity ceremony where teens promised to wait until marriage to have sex, Justin Spurlock, director of youth ministries at University Presbyterian Church in Fresno, Calif. Just before the purity ceremony, a bi-annual teaching series on sexuality at the church Spurlock was to begin ministering at featured "scattered" scripture verses discussing sexuality and relationships, the abstinence message and talks on consequences of premarital sex.

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What does the Bible say about dating and sex? Get free daily devotions and articles on teen life topics from our award-winning Christian youth website. Take an in-depth look at how Christian teenagers should approach sex, romance, dating and marriage.

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Growing up, neither of our parents taught us about sex. As a matter of fact, not only did the world teach both of us about sex, neither of us grew up in a Christian household. Can you relate? And it felt so good.

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The very word fires up strong emotions. Our culture is prideful of its sexual openness. Religious or not, 86 percent of unmarried young adults ages in the United States have had sex, 78 percent have had sex in the last year, and 55 percent are in a current sexual relationship.

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One topic I think we should continually address in student ministry is sex. Sex is an amazing gift that the enemy has taken and used for evil. Our students live in a culture that is saturated with sex, and the pressure to engage in sex before marriage is huge.


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