Convergence of technology and adult education

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Report a Concern. Technological institutions, whether they be a university or a multinational corporation, increasingly are beginning to focus on the convergence of technologies. But this convergence has a broader reach than convergence of technologies.

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Understanding adult learning principles will help you create training materials and a training program that helps adults learn. But this is certainly a great place to start. Adult learning principles are things that all adult learners have in common.

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The demographics of students attending institutions of higher education in the United States are changing. These students form a distinct population in that they often bring rich personal and employment experiences to the classroom, may struggle to support multiple roles and responsibilities above and beyond those of traditional learners, and can require significant adjustments in terms of their learning styles, needs, and abilities Baptista, ; Ross-Gordon, At the same time, there has been an incredible expansion in the area of information and communications technology Radford,

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This chapter looks at the history of educational media and information literacy, and highlights the value of learning through play, because play is a biological desire of all human beings and when combined with education it has tremendous potential as it relates to learning. All students today need to be skilled in multimedia; therefore, a multimedia and multimodal theory of learning will be looked at. The chapter also discusses transliteracy via transmedia storytelling; evolving narrative forms in higher education; how edutainment, or entertainment-education, and social change are enhancing learning; and how change can occur from watching popular television shows that incorporate social messages into their content.

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Digital revolution is characterized by the convergence of technologies, rapidly advancing fourth the industrial revolution thereby blurring the lines between physical, digital and biological objects. The speed of the fourth revolution which evolves at an exponential rate cannot by any means be compared with any previous technologies. AI and IoT employ the interactions and operations in various fields such as home appliances, autonomous vehicles, nanotechnology, robotics, cognitive systems, self-driving cars and wearable devices.

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Not a MyNAP member yet? Register for a free account to start saving and receiving special member only perks. Many of the obstacles to effective convergence discussed in Chapter 4 have as much to do with interpersonal interactions as they do with science at the boundaries between disciplines.

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As developers create digital learning opportunities for adult learners, it is important to consider ways to design products that best fit how adults learn. The adult learning theories of andragogy, experiential learning, self-directed learning, transformational learning, and neuroscience point to five principles for designing instructional activities for adult learners. This brief outlines and describes these design principles.

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Convergence Technology is the "blending or integration of voice, video, and data into a single but flexible global communications network" which includes the "merging together of products and capabilities of multiple vendors to create an integrated solution for the customer. Additionally, Career Outlook and Salary Outlook information is included from a variety of sources. Community Support. Social Media.


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