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Connections is the official publication of the Association of Fraternal Leadership and Values. The views expressed by contributors, authors and advertisers are not necessarily those of the Association. Connections is published four times each year.

Hazing, be it silly or scary, is banned in many schools. But it still exists--just ask a freshman. It wasn't simply a bigger school, older students, or going out for volleyball.

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Boys in Greek letters are still just boys. They worry about their hair and their breath and whether people will think they're cool. Maybe they came from a high school where they were one of the smartest kids, or the handsomest, or the sportiest, or the wealthiest, or the funniest.

By Greg Kitsock. Henry Cogswell, a 19th- century San Francisco dentist and ardent temperance activist. They drink, they swear, and they attribute fictitious accomplishments to the inventor of a new method of installing false teeth.

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