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Unfortunately, those childlike dreams were brutally cut short, when in she was abducted from her home, rapedand buried alive by a registered sex offender. InGovernor Rick Scott signed a bill into law which made registration requirements more severe for sex offenders. It also requires GPS tracking after the convicted have been released.

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If the court makes a written finding that the offender is a sexual predator, the offender must be designated as a sexual predator, must register or be registered as a sexual predator with the department as provided in subsection 6and is subject to the community and public notification as provided in subsection 7. If the court does not make a written finding that the offender is a sexual predator, the offender may not be designated as a sexual predator with respect to that offense and is not required to register or be registered as a sexual predator with the department. When the court makes a written finding that an offender is a sexual predator, the court shall inform the sexual predator of the registration and community and public notification requirements described in this section.

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Most would agree that requiring those convicted of molesting and abusing young children to register with local authorities has resulted in safer communities. Likewise, laws dictating where convicted child molesters may live and work have likely prevented numerous crimes against children. That being the case, some would argue that tighter regulation and stricter laws would yield even better results. But the truth of the matter is that the sex offender laws in Florida and other states go much further than just punishing those who have been deemed the most dangerous offenders.

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The mission of the SPOT Unit is to be proactive and aggressive in regards to monitoring, tracking and enforcing Florida State Statutes that relate to registered sexual predators, sexual offenders and career offenders. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement FDLE compiles and provides information about registered sexual predators and offenders in a variety of easily searchable formats. By visiting the links below to various parts of the FDLE website, residents can search for registered individuals by address or map, and can even sign up to receive automatic e-mail alerts when sexual predator or offenders move near their entered address.

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The investigation found some offenders were compliant but others owned or possessed unregistered vehicles and that violates the law. Other offenders violated the law by not registering their home address, employment, internet identifiers or social media accounts. We also monitor whether or not they remain compliant with the law.

The report issued late last week stated that nearly 29, registered sex offenders and predators now reside in the state. The report by the Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability does not include any explanations for the rise. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement maintains a statewide database that tracks people who have been convicted of certain sexual offenses and have been released from prison.

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Which Government Program Summaries contain related information? Report No. Madison St.

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Listen Listening Around 29, registered offenders now call Florida home. Of the 10 Florida counties with the most transient sex offenders per capita, only three have any housing that explicitly welcomes registered offenders, the report notes.

Sex Offender Information 1. Some Sexual Offenders must register during their birth month and again six months later. Some are required to register during their birth month and again every third month.


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