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Why has it taken over three weeks to get them? No clerks to hunt down the histories. Until your homeless guy died, we were probably on the bottom of the priority list.

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Here you can find free books in the category: Erotic. Read online or download Erotic eBooks for free. Browse through our eBooks while discovering great authors and exciting books.

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No matter how you feel about Fifty Shades of Grey as a book or film, its meteoric rise in popularity has put the spotlight on a frequently misunderstood and underappreciated genre of pop culture that deserves the attention: erotic fiction. The common misconception about the genre is assuming the word "erotic" immediately translates to smut or filth or straight-up pornography. People seem to forget that erotic is a blanket term for anything that turns us on sexually, and the beauty of turn-ons is that they're different for everyone.

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What do you know about erotica? The erotica category covers all kinds of books, including both nonfiction and erotic fiction where sex is described explicitly on the page. It can be romantic sex, or just scratching an itch. It can be a fantasy, or taboo.

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Just me? Not all websites offer excerpts or chapter samples, but a lot of them do. Some examples: Blushing Books offers free sample chapters.

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Clutching my Kindle in one hand and holding onto the handrail for dear life with the other, I struggle to stay upright as the train lurches from side to side. Wearing spike heels on the tube is far from practical, but I can't bear to pair trainers with my suit skirt, even on my daily commute. With a job like mine, I have to look good at all times — and trainers stuck on the end of denier legs stand out like a white dress on a blue-lit dance-floor.

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Erotic Romance. Erotic romance takes the conventions of romance - a focus on a developing romantic relationship culminating in a optimistic ending - and infuses it with more graphic sexual content. Stories may have a single couple or they may explore triads and beyond.

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My grandma used to read tons of erotic novels. She would buy them at the checkout line at the grocery store. When I was little, I thought it was the weirdest and grossest thing ever.

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Sensual Sunday is brought to you today by Cravewhich is the second book in my popular Vampire Erotic Theatre romance series. Callum backed her up until her calves hit the curved leather seat of the booth and she fell onto her bottom. He towered over her, immense and beautiful, dark and deadly, just the sight of him exciting her.

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The truth is that erotica is absolutely a form of literature, which means it taps into all kinds of human emotions. It also happens to be super-hot. These erotica book excerpts are an excellent place to start.


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