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In many ways, the women of East Asian literature are the prominent voices of their cultures today. In Japan and Korea especially, those writers who have the greatest clarity of mind and creative spirits are insightful, fascinating, and imaginative women. Women who speak for the sidelined and the unrepresented, women who show us our lives and our cultures from an original perspective, women who can teach us love and pain and quiet introspection.

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Over time, the nature of the language in which the literature of China was written diverged sharply, producing two main styles of writing, one composed in a specifically literary language and the other in the vernacular. Both strands produced their own very different styles of literature, and both styles reflected their own characteristic language. The literary style was exceedingly concise and was unmatched for its vigor, richness, and symmetry.

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The Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures aims to foster broad cultural awareness while providing the most rigorous possible training in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages. The department offers coordinated three-year sequences of language instruction, as well as electives taught in East Asian languages and in English. Students in the program should develop not only cultural literacy in the language area of their choice but an understanding of the world from the perspective of East Asia.

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If you're not familiar with Asian scripts, the written form of Korean, Japanese, and Chinese may look the same to you. It is true that Chinese characters are sometimes used in both Korean and Japanese writing. However, the 3 scripts used for these 3 different languages are quite different.

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Recently, I wrote about how to use special characters to identify languages that use Latin alphabets. But what about all those other alphabets? You can't be expected to memorize them all, of course.

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While not all of these visitors had direct experience with Myanmar, many were well-versed in the challenges of pitching Asian stories to British and American publishers, and they were under no illusions that the situation here would be any different. Michael Vatikiotis, a writer and journalist who has published several fiction and nonfiction works on Southeast Asia, agreed that the world of publishing often relies on perpetuating stereotypes. He cited Indonesia — the subject of much of his writing — as an example of a country that can be a hard sell to Western readers.

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This paper challenges any misconceptions that Westerners may have about Chinese learning styles by highlighting how the Chinese mind operates and why certain styles of learning are preferred by Chinese students. The author suggests that further understanding is needed to unravel the mystery of the Chinese learner before Western educators can fully appreciate the different approaches to learning and design better educational programmes for Chinese students on management courses. Chan, S.

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Five basic scripts have emerged over years: Calligraphers design each character to fit into an imaginary square—whether it is composed of one or sixty-four strokes. Writers must create each stroke of a character in a particular order, essentially from left to right and from top to bottom. Calligraphy artful writing has been considered the ultimate art form by the Chinese educated elite since at least the Han dynasty BCE— CE. In later dynasties, candidates at the civil service examinations were graded on their calligraphic skills as well as their responses to the questions.

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Writing and literature form an integral part in societies all across the World of Avatar. All four nations use a common system of characters borrowed from the Chinese system for daily purposes. The four nations primarily use writing for communication and literary purposes, but there are some who practice calligraphy as an art, such as Piandao.

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Already a sensation in China, where it was published inthe prize put Chinese science fiction firmly on the radar of readers in the West, and it has since continued to gain recognition in the States. But does that make sense? Asian-American writers, by and large, are educated in the traditional British-American literary canon, after all.


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