Benign breast characteristic malignant

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To determine the added value of qualitative analysis as an adjunct to quantitative analysis for the discrimination of benign and malignant lesions in patients with breast cancer using diffusion-weighted imaging DWI with readout-segmented echo-planar imaging rs-EPI. A total of 99 patients with lesions were reviewed from our prospectively collected database. The diagnostic performances of DWI in the qualitative, quantitative, and combination analyses were compared with that of dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging DCE-MRI.

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Context: Cytological changes in terms of shape and size of nuclei are some of the common morphometric features to study breast cancer, which can be observed by careful screening of fine needle aspiration cytology FNAC images. Aims: This study attempts to categorize a collection of FNAC microscopic images into benign and malignant classes based on family of probability distribution using some morphometric features of cell nuclei. Materials and Methods: For this study, features namely area, perimeter, eccentricity, compactness, and circularity of cell nuclei were extracted from FNAC images of both benign and malignant samples using an image processing technique.

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Posterior acoustic shadowing PAS can bias breast tumor segmentation and classification in ultrasound images. In this paper, half-contour features are proposed to classify benign and malignant breast tumors with PAS, considering the fact that the upper half of the tumor contour is less affected by PAS. Adaptive thresholding and disk expansion are employed to detect tumor contours.

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When a radiologist interprets a mammogram, there are a number of characteristic abnormalities in breast tissue which they will be looking for. However, at others times, the breast X-ray will clearly reveal a masswhich may not be clinically palpable. Most breast masses occur due to benign causes, but certain characteristics of a breast mass may be more suspicious for breast cancer.

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Benign and malignant characteristics of breast lesions at ultrasound allow the classification as either malignant, intermediate or benign based on work published by Stavros et al. In all cases of lesions other than those which are absolutely benign, real time review by the radiologist is mandatory. Review of the mammogram is essential when interpretation of an ultrasound is performed.

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E-mail address: chensc adm. Use the link below to share a full-text version of this article with your friends and colleagues. Learn more.

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This is a corrected version of the article that appeared in print. A thorough clinical breast examination, imaging, and tissue sampling are needed for a definitive diagnosis. Fine-needle aspiration is fast, inexpensive, and accurate, and it can differentiate solid and cystic masses.

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A tumor is a mass of abnormal tissue. When a tumor is diagnosed as benign, doctors will usually leave it alone rather than remove it. Even though these tumors are not generally aggressive toward surrounding tissue, occasionally they may continue to grow, pressing on organs and causing pain or other problems. In these situations, the tumor is removed, allowing pain or complications to subside.

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Non-cancerous and cancerous breast lumps can be very different from each other when it comes to how they feel during a breast exam and what they look like in imaging tests. However, a number of benign breast changes mimic breast cancerso it sometimes takes further testing to know for sure what's going on in your breast. How a breast mass feels can give a doctor a fairly good idea whether a lump is a breast cancer tumor or a benign mass.

Benign non-cancerous breast conditions are unusual growths or other changes in the breast tissue that are not cancer. Having a benign breast condition can be scary at first because the symptoms often mimic those caused by breast cancer. You or your doctor might be able to feel a lump or see nipple discharge, or your mammogram might pick up something that requires further testing.


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