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The period was characterized by an expansion of trade and culture, and saw the construction of masterpieces of al-Andalus architecture. The caliphate disintegrated during the Fitna of al-Andalusa civil war between the descendants of the last caliph, Hisham IIand the successors of his hayib court officialAl-Mansur. Inafter years of infighting, the caliphate fractured into a number of independent Muslim taifa kingdoms.

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But the teenager, whose father is Franco-Beninese and whose mother is Polish, has been targeted on social media and far-right websites. Ms Gamassou beat around other girls to be given the role. Be proud of us, we are a great people.

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Runaways and rebellious teenagers would show up at the restaurants, often hungry and cold. He slipped them free drinks and chicken tikka masala. But soon, Mr. Ahmed, a father of four, would demand payback.

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But the potentially huge fallout from the emergency declaration — which might upset the constitutional balance of powers or divert funding from natural disasters crises — could be contained if an anticipated avalanche of lawsuits succeeds in blocking Trump in court, or if Congress passes a resolution terminating the declaration. Trump is expected to fight back against such potential obstacles, in what many observers warned would be a direct challenge to the explicit assignment in the US constitution of the power of the purse to Congress — not the president. Democratic congressional leaders echoed the sentiment.

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Ken Wilber, American philosopher, has been a prolific writer and contributor of Integral Theory in relation to self development and application across all domains of human activity. One purpose of this fourth visit to Mr. Wilber was to conduct this interview.

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American Sniper continues to draw record-breaking audiences as it barrels into its second weekend in wide release, but a group representing Arab-Americans says the rate of anti-Arab and anti-Muslim threats resulting from the Oscar-nominated war film has already tripled. The film, which was nominated for six Academy Awards including best picture, depicts the story of Chris Kyle, the famed US navy Seal notorious for the highest known single kill count in US military history. But its all-American depiction on screen has drawn heavy criticism from combat veterans and viewers alike — and especially about viewers themselves, many of whom have emerged from theatres desperate to communicate a kind of murderous desire. The tweets, especially the picture made by Khalek, garnered a backlash of their own.


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