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Today the British tabloids have given us a story that is such an absurdist mix of the infuriating and hilarious, it would be brilliant if it were a hoax. Meet Ryan Williams, or tampon boy: a self-identified "meninist" who feels that tampons are a "luxury item. Ryan began his controversial rant after learning about the movement to eliminate taxes on tampons.

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Illustration by Valkyrie Mata. Carissa Liz Castillo April 3, Periods can be the devil.

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The Twitter masses' blood boiled after hearing Ryan's claims that women just need to learn to have more "self-control" and "hold" their bladders instead of using tampons, as he seemingly went on a rampage to piss off feminists and ovaries everywhere. Tampon Boy explains that he thinks people are making "such a big deal" out of his comments "all for the sake of keeping tampons in business", before quipping: "Anyone would think tampons are the holy grail you know? We are all equal.

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Please refresh the page and retry. And now it makes sense why. I always found them incredibly uncomfortable.

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At the risk of mansplaining, it's probably a safe bet to say that everyone who experiences periods knows they're not fun. Which of course is a pricey bill to foot, considering how these products are inexplicably taxed to hike the price instead of being considered as a basic necessity. One particular story was shared on Tumblr, which sparked a huge debate on the topic, with many people wondering where this ignorance stems from.

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I woke up this week to the news that we were being urged to buy tampons for a worthy cause again. In response, individuals and charities are donating disposable menstrual products, and calling for them to be provided free in all schools. Austerity and food poverty including household toiletries poverty, which includes disposable menstrual products have highlighted a bigger problem that was masked by the relative financial comfort in the UK a decade or so ago.

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If the government were to require that only men or only women had to pay a tax of several hundred dollars a year solely because of their sex, that would be an unconstitutional denial of equal protection under the 14th Amendment. Yet that is exactly the effect of the so-called tampon tax. Currently, residents of 35 states must pay sales tax on purchases of tampons and pads because they are not deemed necessities worthy of an exemption.

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Clue is on a mission to help you understand your body, periods, ovulation, and so much more. Start tracking today. Since their invention, tampons have been the subject of moral panic, health scares, tax protests and ridiculous advertising.

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Sexual-health counselor Lynette Medley planned to discuss self-esteem and healthy relationships with the year-old girl who walked into her Mount Airy office in She told Medley that she scavenged in lost-and-found boxes for socks and gloves, which she would wrap in toilet paper and layer with construction paper to absorb excess blood. Medley set out to provide an answer.

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The average woman has her period for 2, days of her life. And lately, women — and transgender and nonbinary people who menstruate — are talking about it in public more than ever before. Increased media coverage and some high-profile episodes — like Kiran Gandhi bleeding freely as she ran the London Marathon in and a backlash over Instagram deleting a photo of a period stain — have accelerated the shift.


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