Breast mass

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There are different types of breast lumps. The following descriptions and illustraitons provides some details. If you have any questions, follow-up with your doctor.

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A benign breast condition is one that is not cancer. These problems often go away on their own or are easily treated. Because a few benign breast conditions can increase your risk of getting cancer in the future, you may need to have follow-up tests or exams with your obstetrician—gynecologist ob-gyn or other health care professional.

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The term breast mass is preferred over lump for a palpably discrete area of any size. A breast mass may be discovered by patients incidentally or during breast self-examination or by the clinician during routine physical examination. Masses may be painless or painful and are sometimes accompanied by nipple discharge or skin changes.

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Don't panic. Nearly eighty percent of all breast lumps are benign non-cancerous. Benign breast lumps are usually moveable and smooth, and can often be found in both breasts. There are several common causes of benign breast lumps:.

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Breast lumps in both men and women raise concern for breast cancereven though most lumps are not cancer. Both males and females of all ages have normal breast tissue. This tissue responds to hormone changes.

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Breast masses are a common clinical finding, and may be palpable or nonpalpable, benign or malignant. Breast symptoms among women enrolled in a health maintenance organization: frequency, evaluation, and outcome. Ann Intern Med.

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There's a pretty common belief out there that if a weird lump arises on your breastyou might be able to feel around to determine if it's a benign cyst or a tumor. Let's be super-clear up front: Only a doctor can actually tell you what any new lump or bump on your breast might be, whether it's a benign cyst or, more rarely, a potential sign of breast cancer. With that said, since all breast bumps aren't created equal, different types sometimes have characteristic features that you can pick up on through your skin.

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A breast lump is a mass that develops in the breast. Breast lumps vary in size and texture and may cause pain. Some are not found until a physical or imaging exam. Most breast lumps are benign non-cancerous.

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A fibroadenoma fy-bro-ad-uh-NO-muh is a solid, noncancerous breast tumor found most commonly in young women. Fibroadenomas are small masses that are generally round and different from surrounding breast tissue. They often feel like marbles within the breast that can be moved around easily under the skin.

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Breast cancer is a malignant disease that affects both women and men and is due to the uncontrolled growth of cells in the breast. Due to the widespread use of screening mammograms, the number of breast cancers found early has increased. They can even be painful. But keep in mind that most breast changes are not cancer.


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