Can a male produce breast milk

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A revolutionary hormone kit that lets men breastfeed could be available in as little as five years, according to its inventor. The kit involves a man taking a cocktail of drugs throughout his partner's pregnancy so that he grows milk ducts in time for the birth. Although in the early stages and not yet tested, designer Marie-Claire Springham, say its side effects will likely include men growing breasts up to a B cup.

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All men have nipples and mammary glands, and most have the desire to bond with their babies and give their partners a breastfeeding break. Alas, you cannot milk a man—dad nipples are merely decorative. In fact the scientific evidence suggests that it could happen, under the right conditions.

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Breastfeeding is always a hot topic. Every mom seems to have an opinion. Some see breastfeeding as the only option; others see formula as an alternative to breast milk.

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Can men breastfeed their babies? Answer: The answer is yes… and no. Under certain unusual circumstances, men are able to lactate.

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In late the Internet Movie Database reported that Dustin Hoffman suddenly had the urge to breast-feed. Had the thenyear-old Hoffman—who brought mainstream culture face to face with autism in Rain Man and went mano a mano with an Ebola-like filovirus in Outbreak —never quite broken character from his film Tootsie? He was just really keen to help out with his first grandchild.

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Well, the answer is yes! Though under certain circumstances. Really, male lactation is a thing and it can happen naturally.

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In zoologymale lactation is production of milk lactation from a male mammal's mammary glands. It is well-documented in the Dayak fruit bat. The term male lactation is not used in human medicine.

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Ever wonder why men have nipples? But did you know mens nipples can produce breast milk? Although rare, human men have an easier time producing milk than other male mammals. It all has to do with milk producing mammary gland found in both men and women.

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Unlike female nipples, male nipples appear to be purely decorative. To start, male lactation has been observed in a few domesticated animals, including cats, goats and guinea pigs, on rare occasions. However, male lactation seems to be common only in dayak fruit bats, though it's not yet clear why males of this species have the biology to spontaneously produce milk.

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Earlier this monththe United States Supreme Court declined to hear a sex discrimination case from an Iowa woman who wanted to pump milk at work. Is it really possible for men to lactate? Can it happen naturally? As you might suspect, the cause is genetic—22 of the 23 pairs of human chromosomes are identical, with the 23rd pair the only set that differs between the sexes.


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