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At once daring and authoritative, this book offers a profusely illustrated history of sexual politics in ancient Athens. The phallus was pictured everywhere in ancient Athens: painted on vases, sculpted in marble, held aloft in gigantic form in public processions, and shown in stage comedies. This obsession with the phallus dominated almost every aspect of public life, influencing law, myth, and customs, affecting family life, the status of women, even foreign policy.

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In Science, Philosophy and Religion The truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth. THE aim of this work is simply to present a popular sketch of the history, customs, and symbolism of Phallic Worship—past and present—written in plain English. All these works, while of the highest merit as to scholarship and reliability, are not popular; for they are redundant with masses of minutia which, while important and of essential necessity to the student making an exhaustive examination of the subject, are burdensome and confusing to the general reader.

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It appears to be either a joke, or either some highly POV phallus-obsession. Wanka16 January UTC. Guitar and flag?

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Arguably, this neglect extends to the illustrations as a whole. Bentley Jr. Madison, Wisconsin: U of Wisconsin P, Twenty-seven years later, the situation is not markedly different.

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Anyone visiting Pompeii would be surprised by how much the city looks like a modern one. Streets, vendors, and even zebra crossings are found all over the city. Except, unlike most modern cities, the walls and streets of Pompeii are peppered with stone penises.

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This article reveals previously overlooked connections between eighteenth-century antiquarianism and early twentieth-century sexual science by presenting a comparative reading of two illustrated books: An Account of the Remains of the Worship of Priapusby British antiquarian scholar Richard Payne Knight —and Die Weltreise eines Sexualforschers The World Journey of a Sexologistby German sexual scientist Magnus Hirschfeld — A close analysis of these publications demonstrates the special status of material artefacts and the strategic engagement with visual evidence in antiquarian and scientific writings about sex. Through its exploration of the similarities between antiquarian and sexual scientific thought, the article demonstrates the centrality of material culture to the production of sexual knowledge in the Western world.

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Pomeroy, "Classical World. Eva C. Keuls is Classics Professor at the University of Minnesota, the author of many scholarly articles, and a recognized authority on both Greek literature and vase painting.

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She focuses on the emphasis on good performance, high productivity, constant self-improvement, and relentless cheerfulness that characterizes present-day Western society. Revealing the treacherousness of our fantasies of the good life, particularly the idea that our efforts will eventually be rewarded — that things will eventually get better — Ruti unveils the false hope that often causes us to tolerate an unbearable present. What we all know but often try to ignore is that for many people, and for women and the ambiguously gendered in particular, dichotomous thinking about gender is a considerable source of bad feelings such as lack of confidence, anxiety, and anger. Who cares what the equipment between your legs looks like?

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Close to one hundred stone phalluses have been found in Norway. They are symbolic representations of the penis, representing male potency and fertility. Animal and human sacrifices made to a symbolic phallus were thought to ensure a successful new crop among people, animals and nature.

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This paper examines the male body in Moche art as a locus for the ideological construction of gender. It proposes that the male body is characterized by vitality, violence, and potency, and that an aspect of this characterization may affect the conventions for representing the phallus. These conventions specifically refer to the erect, sexually potent phallus, even when a specific phallus is not depicted as erect.


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