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The breach came after a third-party service's security was apparently hacked, YouPorn said. Users of a chat service linked to the main YouPorn website have had their personal information compromised. YouPorn is an adult video-sharing website that was originally modelled on Google's YouTube service for consumers.

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Security Windows. Tech News. Shocked, you open it to find a startling claim: someone has installed malware on your computer, and they have video of you in a compromising situation.

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First Name. Email address:. Everyday we see the release of new Kodi addonssome are recreated as forks, to bring the best streaming content to Kodi.

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The bad news, though, is that these attackers may actually know a recipients password from data breaches. This adds a sense of legitimacy to the emails as the victims will see passwords that they are currently using or have used in the past. Once again, this is a scam, nothing has been installed on your computer, and they do not have any video of you doing anything.

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If the headline above frightened or at least alarmed you, that means you really can fall prey of this cybercrime. Because it is a bit different from others. While the perpetrators usually aim at a vulnerability of your PC, this attack targets vulnerabilities of your mind.

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In the past we have reported on a particularly audacious and potentially convincing email scam which claims to have video of the email recipient the victim watching adult content. Pay up via Bitcoin or the footage goes to all your friends, claims the email. The scammers are bluffing, of course.

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The scourge of the internet! Always looking for new ways to make innocent people part with their hard-earned cash. A recent scam involves sending people an email claiming they visited adult websites. They pretend these websites downloaded malware that gave the scammer access to various aspects of the recipients computer.

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Phishing emails are seeking to exploit vulnerable people by claiming they know their passwords. It's when a hacker attempts to get access to sensitive or financial information by disguising itself as either a trustworthy source or exploiting other personal data. A current scam doing the rounds attempts to blackmail unsuspecting victims by claiming to already have their password and to have used it to install spying malware on their computer.


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