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If you are, like me, over the age of 35, you probably remember the sensation of deep boredom -- those long, empty days of summer vacation or evenings of nothing but stoop sitting or puttering around the house. If you even approach that level of idleness, a glance at your phone will probably tempt you to play just a little bit of Candy Crush, check Facebook, or surf around for yet another kitten picture or pointless listicle. That impulse to always flee boredom was a big problem for writer Jordan Rosenfeld, and not only because she was nostalgic for the calmer, longer days of her youth.

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Boredom with life is a common complaint in therapy. That shiny new car is often less interesting a year later. Conversations with a once-exciting partner can seem humdrum after years of discussing the same topic.

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Do you munch when you are bored? Most of us do! Here are some easy, scientifically researched ideas on how to beat boredom eating.

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In conventional usage, boredom is an emotional and occasionally psychological state experienced when an individual is left without anything in particular to do, is not interested in their surroundings, or feels that a day or period is dull or tedious. It is also understood by scholars as a modern phenomenon which has a cultural dimension. But whatever it is, researchers argue, it is not simply another name for depression or apathy. It seems to be a specific mental state that people find unpleasant—a lack of stimulation that leaves them craving relief, with a host of behavioural, medical and social consequences.

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They want to feel motivated. They seek meaning from their jobs. Our seeking systems create the natural impulse to explore our worlds, learn about our environments, and extract meaning from our circumstances.

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Millions of people say they are thrilled by watching long, dull videos of folding towels or running hair dryers. It's a tightening at the back of the throat, or a tingling around your scalp, a chill that comes over you when you pay close attention to something, such as a person whispering instructions. It's called the autonomous sensory meridian response, and until it didn't exist.

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To overcome tiredness, we tend to grab coffee, which does not always help. Whether you had a restful sleep last night or not, it is typically unavoidable to feel sleepy while bored. Science can explain why.

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For most people, boredom is a passing, nearly trivial feeling that lifts as soon as your number is called, a task is completed or a lecture ends. But boredom has a darker side: Easily bored people are at higher risk for depression, anxiety, drug addiction, alcoholism, compulsive gambling, eating disorders, hostility, anger, poor social skills, bad grades and low work performance. Despite boredom's ubiquity and pathological associations, psychologists have yet to pin down what, exactly, it is.

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Ever felt that you were leading a boring life? If yes, keep reading to discover some tips on how to turn it around and fill it with joy instead. We all face a time when everything seems to come to a halt : our progress, our growth, our joy — everything.

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Verified by Psychology Today. There are two types of boredom. It is usually temporary, with some people experiencing bouts more frequently or prolonged than others.


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