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OK, I know the reunion madness is getting out of hand. But today are two of the most promising musical resurrections out there They laid down well constructed catchy songs played with an unreal vigor with, misanthropic lyrics that read like the best contemporary grotesque fiction.

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Dicks were a punk rock band from Austin, Texasformed in and initially disbanded in Their music is considered influential in introducing the sound of hardcore punk[ citation needed ] as well as incorporating blues rock influences into their sound. InThe Dicks reunited and were active until

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Big Boys in West Texas on the way to California in His band came up in the local hardcore punk scene, but had recently started adding pedal steel and harmonica to their songs when he gave me that definition. For him, punk is not a genre of music, but a state of mind: In the wake of the Sex Pistols, regional punk scenes sprang up literally overnight in the U.

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Intro and interview by Jojo houseofdupree gmail. Can you give us some insight on what it was like in Texas during the early years of the Dicks? Not just the political climate and attitudes of the general public, but the punks as well? Times were different…no internet, so music was new and albums and CDs coming out were something special.

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WhiskeyDick has been hammering it down writing their 7th studio album "Victory or Death" release goal One day it will happen. Plus Marks 14 Years of WhiskeyDick!!!

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The Dicks, the first American hardcore band to feature an openly gay singer, have announced that they will be playing their last show this year, on the day before Halloween. Started by the burly, outspoken Gary Floyd in his hometown of Austin, Texas, the band would go on to contribute some crucial entries to the punk canon, including "Wheelchair Epidemic," "Saturday Night at the Bookstore," "Kill From the Heart," and their anti-police anthem, "Dicks Hate the Police. Floyd says he started the Dicks initially as a "poster band," which existed only in the fake concert flyers he created and put up all over the city.

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The Dicks exploded out of Austin, Texas, in the early s. Led by larger-than-life frontman Gary Floyd, the band was an influential if short-lived part of the Reagan-era punk landscape. Each album has been remastered by label owner Jello Biafra and includes key Dicks singles as bonus tracks.

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Glitter Dick is a glam-punk garage band from Albuqerque, NM. Our biggest challenge was finding a place to press the vinyl for a price that would fit our kickstarter budget, but we've already got a quote from Furnace MFG ensuring that we can put out our record at the price of our Kick Starter goal! Des questions sur ce projet? Digital download comes with bonus digital file with videos and photos of the band in action.

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Los Angeles in the early s, like the punk bands that hailed from the city, had a reputation for being loud, fast, and rowdy. Bythe city had produced some of the most iconic and seminal punk records of all time — songs like " Kids of the Black Hole " by the AdolescentsBlack Flag's " TV Party "and " Suburban Home " by the Descendents captured the disenchantment and angst felt by many who came of age during the Reagan era. At the center of it all was John Brian Kingan art student at the California Institute of the Arts, who before a successful career in cinema had first turned his lens toward the scene he knew best.

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From Kill From The Heart :. The band was the creation of Gary Floyd, a 26 year old from Palestine, Texas who had been a conscientious objector to the Vietnam War and was openly, flamboyantly gay. They started writing burly, blues-drenched punk anthems and began playing raucous, shows with local heroes the Big Boys.


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